Many Australian businesses want a share of e-commerce revenue. The industry is competitive, as enterprises target a significant portion of the industry projected to generate $29 Billion in 2021.

Best practices for e-commerce SEO can help you achieve your objectives. You will rank higher on the search engine results page, attracting more traffic to your business.

What Is E-Commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO refers to the strategies and steps you take to achieve higher rankings on search engines. Your site will be among the first pages of search engine results. Higher spots attract more traffic to your business website.

You optimize your headlines, metadata, product descriptions, user experience, and your site’s layout. These actions make your site easy to use.

Search algorithms better understand it, ranking it higher.

Why E-Commerce SEO Matters

Many people search for products or services online. They often check out the businesses in the first few search engine results pages. These prospects can buy from you if you provide them with a pleasant experience and offer the products or services they need.

E-commerce SEO enables you to attract and convert online searchers. You help them find what they are looking for, convince them to buy from you, and guide them through the purchase process. E-commerce SEO services can also help you rank higher, attracting more traffic to your business site.

Best Practices for E-Commerce SEO

Use these best practices to achieve your online business objectives.

1. Use The Right Keywords

Keywords are essential elements of any successful e-commerce SEO campaign. The right keywords ensure your pages show up among search engine results. They also increase your chances of succeeding in your Google AdWords management. Your ads will show up among the relevant searches, returning on your investment.

Research the keyword options before you choose them. Evaluate the options based on these merits:

  • Search volume
  • Competition on paid ad spaces
  • What searchers want when they use them

Figuring out these factors can help you know the right keywords for your e-commerce SEO campaign.

2. Focus on Homepage SEO

Many businesses spend most of their resources on optimizing their homepages. While it is essential to have an excellent homepage, don’t focus all your efforts here.

Online buyers have a variety of options. They can choose your competitors if they don’t get what they are looking for on your platform. Anticipating their needs ensures you provide the solutions they need quickly. An excellent homepage can help you deliver the products or services the prospects need. It will help them choose you over your competition.

You can optimize your homepage for e-commerce SEO in many ways.

« Homepage Title Tag: Include your keywords in the title tag. Keep its character count to below 70. You need to make it appealing if you want searchers to check out your website.

« Homepage Meta Description: Use the meta description to entice searchers to visit your site. Its character count should be below 160.

« Homepage Content: Your content can convert visitors to customers. Communicate your offering, be concise, and satisfy users’ needs to achieve this goal. Arrange the content well to attract and keep your visitors’ attention.

3. Optimize Your Site’s Architecture

A smooth customer journey is essential for your e-commerce SEO campaign. It ensures customers can navigate your site with ease, find what they are after, and enjoy their experience. A pleasant experience can make them return for more purchases.

You can optimize your site’s architecture in these ways.

  • Ensure visitors have three or fewer clicks to get to any product.
  • Make icons easy to use.
  • Leverage internal linking to encourage visitors to check out more content or products.

4. Optimize Product Pages

Your product pages can contribute to your e-commerce success. Optimize them to achieve your objectives. A few lines, images, or videos may not be helpful if you aren’t strategic with them. Provide considerable information to help search algorithms and users understand your product pages.

You can optimize your product pages in these ways.

« Product Name: Choose a product name with at least one keyword. The product name will be in your page’s title and URL.

« Image Optimization: Images can inform your customers’ buying decisions. Have optimized pictures of different angles of your products. Have a proper file name with the keyword and product name. This naming helps search algorithms understand the photos, improving your search rankings. Include the product name and keywords in the alt texts.

« Video: Add useful videos to the e-commerce campaign. The videos can educate, entertain, and inform your clients.

« FAQ Content: Product-specific FAQ pages are essential. They answer the questions that customers have. This act helps them understand and choose your items. They may leave your website for your competitors if you don’t provide the answers they need.

« Customer Reviews: Get positive reviews and display them on your product pages. They will improve customers’ confidence in your products and services.

5. Have A Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is essential for a successful e-commerce SEO campaign. It makes customers’ experiences pleasant and ensures your prospects get what they want from your site.

You can have a responsive web design in these ways.

  • Make the website mobile-friendly.
  • Ensure your site loads in less than 3 seconds on various devices.
  • Consider people with small screens when adding icons and images to your website.

6. Have Backlinks For E-Commerce SEO

Backlinks can help you rank higher on the search engine results page. These backlinks should be from high-quality sites to ensure your site is authoritative. Search algorithms preserve the top spots for platforms that are leaders in their industries

You can have quality backlinks in these ways.

  • Guest post on reputable platforms.
  • Fix broken links to your page.
  • Review the links to your site and disavow the ones that affect your search rankings.

How We Can Help

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