Did you know that SEO is one of the most powerful ways to attract visitors to your website?

But here’s the thing you need to do it right. SEO is continuously evolving and trying to keep up with search engine algorithms can be a daunting task in itself. Long gone are the days where SEO was just about ranking number one for a keyword. Oh no, it so much more than that now. With many people staying at home due to the global pandemic, online purchases have skyrocketed.

The competition online is fiercer than ever. That means if you don’t have a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy, then you can easily drown in the online sea of websites.

More importantly, you will burn through your budget and have little or zero ROI. And you don’t want that.

Here are five reasons why hiring a digital marketing agency can help you with your SEO in 2021.

Google Core Web Vitals

Ranking number one on Google is every marketer and business owner’s dream. Google changes its algorithms every week without a word of warning. It’s Google; it can do that. Luckily, this time they announced the launch of Core Web Vitals.

With Core Web Vitals, Google wants to know, well, three core things:

  • Loading
  • Interactivity
  • Visual Stability

Google wants to know how quick your page loads, how stable it is while loading and how interactive it is.

Why are these important?

With Google being Google, the name is spot on, Core Web Vitals. Your page and user activity speed is vital because it helps to tell Google to rank you higher.

Did you know that it takes a website visitor only 3 seconds to decide if they will click away or stay on your page?

That’s right; you only have 3 seconds to catch a users attention!

Put it this way, the quicker your page loads, the better the user experience, the higher you will rank. Your digital marketing agency will help you weed out all these errors. They can audit your site and fix any issues that affect the user experience.

Keywords Are Still Important

After all, they are the words, phrases and terms that people are “searching” for and you need to understand this. Thankfully, there are some excellent SEO keyword tools can help you determine your primary keywords. Using the right keywords can increase your rankings and get you the right clicks.

Better yet, your digital marketing agency can do extensive keyword research. They can help you determine your primary keywords, what questions people are asking, and so on.

A good way is to define your main topics and keywords and create content related to those same keywords.

Remember, Google doesn’t like keywords that aren’t related to the relevant content. Which leads us nicely to the next point…

Create Original Long-Form Content

Ok, so this isn’t a direct SEO strategy, but it sure is one of the most crucial aspects for your SEO. High-quality original content is essential for your ranking and SEO.

Let’s face it; without content, you won’t have a business. Your content should always offer value and be authentic to your brand and audience. Visitors love it, and so does Google.

While short-form content is cool and sometimes necessary, long-form content has consistently proven to outperform short-term content and by far. Long-form content means anything over 3000-plus words.

Sure, it may sound like a lot, but such content gets three times more traffic and four times more shares. That’s according to SemRush’s State of Content Marketing Report.


Not only that but with long-form content, you can create more backlinks which in turn get you ranked higher.

Increase Internal Links

If you want a quick way to increase your rankings, then internal linking is how to do it. You probably already have some internal links on your website, but there may be some opportunities that you have missed. But, there’s an easy way to fix it.

Update Older Content Using New Links

You will be surprised how many people skip this step, but it’s so effective.

For instance, when you post new content, be sure to add your new links to your older pages and content.

Not only does it increase your ranking, but it also adds relevance, and lowers your bounce rate.

Remove Those Unnecessary Links

Internal links and backlinks are great for SEO, but that doesn’t mean you need to be adding links left, right and centre.

It won’t help, and Google sees through it.

Let’s be real. Do you need to link every your contact form on every page?

Leave your links to the ones that matter, Google sees that as a significant ranking signal.

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing SEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice recognition are set to dominate SEO trends for 2021 and beyond. AI is already changing the way people interact online.

But the question is, how to you optimize this for SEO?

Google has an AI algorithm called Rankbrain. While it has kept tight-lipped on how exactly Rankbrain works, it plays a role in your rankings. Many experts believe that Rankbrain primarily looks at high-click through rate, well-presented content, and overall user experience. As far as voice recognition is concerned, it’s set to influence search queries heavily.

Thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assitant voice search technology is becoming increasingly popular. It’s predicted that by 2022 over 55% of households will own a smart voice speaker.

You need to optimize your keywords that people are likely to use in everyday conversation. If you haven’t jumped on the AI and voice recognition bandwagon for your SEO, you need to immediately.

The Bottom Line

SEO is always a complex business. You have to evolve your SEO strategy continuously.

Making AI and voice search recognition is a must. Having a responsive web design and good quality content is also essential.

But, if you want to nail your SEO strategy without any costly mistakes, and drown out the competition hiring a digital marketing agency to help you is always a good idea.