Over the recent years, marketing has changed at a rapid rate. Many marketers even claim that more change took place in the last two years than in the previous five decades. Nowadays, the majority of new businesses choose to use digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the science of selling products online. It involves finding the right mix of online marketing strategies that appeal to the target market, attract traffic to a business’s website, and ultimately drive sales.

This post explains three of the best online marketing strategies that you can incorporate into your campaign.

Google Ads

Did you know that Google Ads is the largest pay-per-click (PPC) network available and that lots of local businesses are using it?

These stats can sway you to jump into the bandwagon:

  • Businesses earn around $2 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.
  • 40% of businesses are looking into increasing their PPC budget, which indicates that it is an effective tool for business owners and marketers.
  • PPC ads increase on-page conversions. In fact, they rank as one of the highest generators of such type of conversion.

If you want to get to the top of search results, Google Ads is your best solution. Your marketing agency will show you how to bid on new keywords. The good thing is Google Ads can generate millions of new keywords daily.

That means that, with this tool, you can reach an unlimited number of potential customers and instantly drive more traffic to your site every day.

Do you also want to monitor how your campaign is doing? Google Ads has that covered, too. The software has charts and analytics that cover all the stats that matter.

  • Conversion rate
  • Per-click average cost
  • Advert position, and so on.

One great thing about Google Ads is that results are instant. Get instant traffic upon the approval of your campaign. Enter your chosen keywords and place the highest bid. Then sit back, relax, and see traffic flowing to your site – in a matter of minutes!

Social Media Ads

One marketing strategy of massive importance is social media ads. It is the stuff that most businesses do nowadays, and it is the stuff you would want to tackle a lot with your marketing agency.

Here are the stats on social media advertising:

  • 44.8% of consumers use social media to research products in 2020
  • 63% of customers think that companies should offer customer service through social media
  • 90% of social media users have connected with a business through a social media platform

These figures urge you to: Build targeted customer engagement via social media. If you do, your business is going to get these benefits.

  • Increased brand awareness – Increase brand recognition and recall by building social media presence.
  • Increased website traffic – Post optimized content on social media platforms. It will drive traffic to your site.
  • Word of mouth marketing – Give your customers a nice, fruitful experience with your business and brand. Happy customers will act as your word of mouth advertisers.
  • Expert authority – Share information via social media. It will help you build a reputation that tells people you are credible and can be counted on.
  • Online community – Share valuable content online. Then create an online group of people who benefit from your business.
  • Cost-effective – Building a social media presence is not at all burdensome to your pocket.
  • Increased sales – More social media engagement, more followers, and more users mean increased revenues.

Whenever you share information and business details online, these details become added to your online persona. Today, whenever a name pops up, people tend to look it up either on Google or social media. If searchers cannot easily find you or your business online, chances are you will lose lots of opportunities to close deals.


Incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) to generate traffic to your site. Some marketers call it the holy grail of internet marketing.

It all begins when a customer performs a search query. Then he goes to an online store to see what it offers. Then he makes a purchase.

Here, you did not interrupt someone’s day to get in front of them. Instead, they seek you out. That is a big difference in the way you generate traffic to your business.

In particular, here’s how it works:


Have fresh content. Put in new content regularly, and if possible, daily. If your website’s architecture is out-of-date, one possible workaround is to install a blog in one subfolder. By doing so, you just have opened a new door for introducing fresh content on your site.

Consider daily updates. Inputting daily updates that utilize keywords relevant to your audience is one of the best ways to build a relationship with search engines. If you succeed in building such a relationship, search engines will crawl into your site more frequently.

When that happens, guess what? The search engines will digest larger sections of your site and rank it higher in search results. That is what fresh content and relevant keywords mean to your business.


Building links equate to building popularity, and Google loves popularity.

Links are the way for your pages to take on a pragmatic presence. Initially, a page in your site works as a placeholder, but it can perform another function, and that is where building links are helpful.

Put a sufficient number of backlinks linking to that particular page. That will help with its popularity status, and popularity, as we already know, means ranking high.

Links and content work like a machine. Content is the engine, and links are the fuel. Thus, providing fresh content alone will only produce marginal results, and the same holds for building links.

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